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The Society of Orion Book #7: The Turkish Findings (Colton Banyon Mystery 21) - Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J. Kubicki

The real plot is finally revealed in the next to last chapter in the Orion story. The pace is furious as the scene changes from Turkey to Cambodia and then to the Vatican with a stop in Ecuador.

The big question is: who are the Sumi. What do they want and how can they be stopped.

Colton Banyon must split his team to face the challenge. He soon discovers that his team has been infiltrated by an ultra-secret government organization and some known characters return to provide additional twists to the plot.

New Book - The Society of Orion Book Six: the Moroccan Affair.

A classic case of good verus evil. Colton Banyon needs to collect all the Orion weapons, but Ahmed Fasi stands in his way and has planned an ambush in the desert. He has a "game changer" and intends to use it on Banyon. The question is, will he and his team survive?


The Polish Discovery: The Society of Orion 1-3 (Volume 1) - Kristopher Kubicki, Gerald J. Kubicki

This is a three book box set of Colton Banyon’s adventures in Poland. It starts out with a history of Banyon’s famous ancestor. Then both Loni and Banyon are kidnapped. They escape and discover The Society of Orion. The society had been around for thousands of years and protects the unique weapons that Orion used on earth. While Orion was a Geek mythical character, the evidence points to a real half-man and half-god. But some of the weapons have gone missing. The society enlists Banyon’s help in finding them, but things are not what they seem inside the society. As Colt and his team rush to recover the weapons, there are many who have plots of their own. He must fend them off and recover the weapons in three days.

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A Dubious Race: The Phoenician Stones (A Colton Banyon Mystery Book 14) - Gerald J. Kubicki, Kristopher Kubicki

Want to know who really discovered America? They are still here. An ancient mystery becomes the focus of a modern day mystery and conspiracy.

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A Dubious Device: The Nanobot Terror (Colton Banyon Mysteries) (Volume 10) - Mr. Gerald J. Kubicki, Mr. Kristopher Kubicki

Can nanobots be used for good and evil? You can the find out the chilling answer in A Dubious Device.
While he is on vacation, Colton Banyon is suddenly arrested on a charge of multiply murders and hauled off to jail. During his interrogation by Detective Haleigh Taylor, he finds out that someone is using a book he has written to kill death row inmates at several Nevada prisons. 
Eventually he is cleared of the murders and is asked to help solve them. The President of the United States tells Banyon that the inmates are being murdered by a plague and nanobots are the vehicle. 
Banyon discovers that the nanobots are controlled by an old Nazi named Bernard Schultz on behalf of the Effort, the modern day version of the Nazis. Schultz intends to do some old-fashion ethnic cleansing and take over the American government. 
Meanwhile, Banyon and the rest of his team attempt to recover an ancient artifact that has unusual powers before the Effort can use it to take down the President. 
Soon the United States is in chaos, the government is about to fall and millions are about to die. Banyon must save the day, but can he stop the nanobot terror.

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"History Always repeats itself."

Action Adventure Mysteries

Read about some adventure books and killer plots.

Action Adventure Mysteries

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Read about some adventure books and killer plots.